From Izmir to World

As a MiMGrup we have branded a traditional & unique taste from 15. Century, named it Smyrna Boyoz. Smyrna was old name of the Izmir. Traditional Taste of Smyrna's journey has begun from Izmir and expand through our branches located in Turkey, Greece, U.S.A and Europe, tasted & loved by millions.

Born in Izmir, known in Turkey, Greece, U.S.A and Europe, day by day Smyrna Boyoz grow up to became a global brand.

Smyrna Boyoz

Boyoz paste is a mixture of flour, sunflower oil and a hint of tahini. It is kneaded by hand and the ball of paste. is left to repose for 2 hours. The treatment performed through this process and the ingredients supplied by the same brands without change through the years ensure the unparalleled flavour of Boyoz. "

Traditional Taste of Smyrna

Secret's of unique tastes is hidden of our mysterious recipes and natural ingredients from the Anatolian Region of Turkey. In order to experience unique tastes, just come and visit us. Promise, you will love the taste & Turkish hospitality.


Tastes of Symrna Boyoz

Crispy Flavors & Delicious Smell...