Traditional Taste becoming a global brand!

Traditional Taste of Izmir, Smyrna Boyoz, becoming a global brand as an one the trademark of MimGrup. We are very glad to meet you up with traditional tastes.

Traditional Taste Of Smyrna

In 8th Century, 756, Muslims, Christians and Sephardic Jews were living in peace 3 hundred years period in the South region of Spain where Andalucia Umayyad Dynasty reigned. Till, The Kingdom of Spain occupied Granada on 2 January 1492 and ended the Andalusian Umayyad State.


On 31st of May 1492, Alhambra Decree was published by The Kingdom of Spain which forced Sephardic community to accept Christianity or leave the country forever untill the end of July, 1492. For those who were not willing to give up their religion despite the strict decree, the immigration began in May, 1492. Because those who did not accept one of the two conditions were awaiting the inquisition rules of Catholic Spain.


Sephardic community was granted the right to dispose of all their movable and immovable property from the country, by road or sea, except for items that were banned to export and food, also valuable objects like gold, silver and all kinds of cash. Most of 250.000 Sephardic people who had been deported left their country by taking ships. Although Sephardic community demanded asylum from many European countries, only Ottoman Emperor Sultan II. Bayezid provided the right of sanctuary. He commissioned the Ottoman navy ships, which allowed around 150,000 Spanish Sephardic to reach the Ottoman lands. The Ottoman Emperor Sultan II. Bayezid, encouraged them to settle in Thessaloniki, Istanbul, Edirne, Izmir and nearby regions also published a decree to ensure that they were welcomed in their new homeland. By courtesy of the decree, from that period till today the existance of Sephardic community was built by immigration, continued with the living and spread of their culture in Anatolian geography. One of the most important value alive nowadays of Sephardic culture is Boyoz. The name of Boyoz was originated from Bollos means small bun in Spanish. It was known as Jewish Bread and consumed at home. They were survived during Immigration by means of Boyoz they took with them.


From that time they settled in Izmir and neighborhood, Boyoz has become an irreplaceable cultural heritage for the city. Today this cultural heritage is spread from Izmir to the world thanks to Smyrna Boyoz brand.

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