Traditional Taste becoming a global brand!

Traditional Taste of Izmir, Smyrna Boyoz, becoming a global brand as an one the trademark of MimGrup. We are very glad to meet you up with traditional tastes.

Traditional Taste Of Smyrna

Story of Boyoz reaching back to 15th century; is a contribution to Izmir's urbanculture by Jews evicted from Spain after 1492 and who settled in large numbers in many Ottoman cities of the period, among which Izmir stood out as one of the primary destinations. It’s first name was ‘’Bollos’’ which is Spanish also known as ‘’Jewish Bread’’ and through the years the name became Boyoz in Turkish. Boyoz is a pastry, brought to you from the city of Izmir, Turkey with its ancient name known as Smyrna, which is practically only city where it is prepared and follows the delicious original recipe described by Master Avram who made boyoz irreplaceable for people of Izmir. In the eyes of Smyrnian, boyoz acquired a symbol of their hometown or of their longing for it when away.


Boyoz is a hand-made pastry which contains flour, sunflower oil, special dehydrated vegeatble oil and tahini. The process of production continues the same as when it was first made and ingredients are supplied without any change through the years to ensure the unparalleled flavour of Boyoz. The tahini used in the dough, not only increases the nutrient value of Boyoz, but also helps the dough to rise in layers and helps digestion. The scent of tahini also provides an indispensable complement.


This traditional pastry is essential part of breakfast for Izmir and it is recommended together with stone oven egg. People tell this ''two plus one or three plus one'' when they are ordering. Plus, is referring to egg. The most widely preferred Boyoz is plain, with cheese, spinach and chocolate stuffings, and as cooked by a handful of master Boyoz bakers in Izmir.

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