Smyrna Boyoz

Our promise, you will experience extraordinary tastes at Smyrna Boyoz...

Story of Boyoz..

  • Boyoz is a heritage from 15th Century Andalusia part of Spain. Ottoman Empire helped them to emigrate to Anatolia which brings the cultural tastes to our lands.
  • Boyoz is a pastry and it's story consist of multicultural aspects & endavours.
  • Boyoz has became an irreplacable product for our breakfast's.
  • Delicious taste brought to you from the city of Izmir formerly known as Smyrna Turkey, which is practically only city where it is prepared and follows the delicious original recipe described by Master Avram.
smyrna boyoz smyrna boyoz
  • Boyoz paste is a mixture of flour, sunflower oil and a hint of tahini. It is kneaded by hand and the ball of pasteis left to repose for 2 hours.
  • he treatment performed through this process and the ingredients supplied by the same brands without change through the years ensure the unparalleled flavour of Boyoz.
  • The tahini used in the dough not only increases the nutrient value of Boyoz, but also helps the dough to rise in layers and helps digestion.
  • This traditional pastry is recommended together with stone oven egg. People tell this ''two plus one or three plus one'' when they are ordering. Plus, is referring to egg.

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